Why planning for new staff can make you more successful

Looking into the future can be mind-blowing

Why is planning useful?

As switched on business owners we use planning to forecast annual profits, predict market shifts and so forth. Planning gives us a sense of control in an otherwise cloudy or unpredictable situation. It helps us cope with possible failure and stay level-headed when success is obtained.

Are you forgetting the team?

Business owners put a lot of time and effort into financial planning and setting goals for the upcoming year ahead. It’s around this time of year (November) that we start talking about our plans for the future in our groups. This is great and all, but financial planning isn’t the only outcome we should be pro-active about in our digital agencies.

Profit is not the only thing to consider
  • Office space
  • Workstations

How does a team impact our future success?

As previously mentioned the very possibility of achieving more in our digital agencies is down to the people we have. This can be either hired employees or outsource teams.

A team can help you achieve more

Outsourcing can save the day

I didn’t want to go preaching about outsourcing but this article wouldn’t feel complete without covering a few reasons why outsourcing should be in your plan.

Reason 1 — Flexibility

An external team will be able to jump in to help you with overflow work, or cover holidays and staff sickness with minimal instruction and prep-time (depending on the complexity of the work of course).

Reason 2 — Timezones

Now I know time zones can be a PITA when you want to speak to someone on the other side of the world, but stick with me. They have their benefits too.

Reason 3 — Leveling up

No, not a new Skyrim level. I’m referring to the increase in ability and skill that can be obtained by working with external teams. Teams that have a greater ability and understanding of the services we provide. Adding an experienced element to your team can deliver exceptional quality and greatly improve your agency — and help you increase your fees.

Reason 4 — Space and equipment

If you want your local team to be in one space you’ll need to rent an office. Depending on your location this can be a costly expense, especially if you need room for new hires.

  • Monitor(s)
  • Peripherals
  • Stationery
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Air-conditioning
  • WC (toilet)


Hopefully we have convinced you to see the value in planning for more than just mere profits. Financial goals are important but so are the very way in which we achieve these goals. The people who make up our teams are more important than we give them credit for and forgetting to think ahead about changes to your staff can greatly impact your scalability, and add a real headache on your shoulders.



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