Why have we adopted a no sell policy in our agency?

Why I avoid selling

You see the problem is not with selling. Selling, if done right, is a useful skill to have and can help people make an informed decision. The thing is I’m no salesman. To me selling is an alien concept and its not where I thrive at all. I’m better at developing friendships and building trust with my peers. That’s where I enjoy being in the community and feel most confident, as well as genuine.

People want to outsource at their own pace

One of the biggest lessons I would learn from recent Zoom calls is that people don’t want to outsource even if they say they do — well, at least not right away. Instead, they want to get to know you, engage with you in a risk-free and no-obligation manner and make micro-investments at their own pace. The first type of investment is typically their time spent with you on a call, judging your character and developing their opinion of you. Alternatively, they’ll do what you’re doing right now and read a blog or two.

Relationships matter more than ever

Now, I’m fully aware the world revolves around money. We need it to survive and thrive. However, in our modern age we are bombarded with sales messages online and offline. Those who avoid hard-selling are playing a long game, but its worth it in the long-run. We can avoid the numbers game that so many others feel they have to play to survive and thrive. This approach rarely works and even when it does; Do you think they feel good about themselves?

Injecting some humanity into your sales pipeline

We’re not interested in playing the numbers game or running around for scraps at NO LABEL Studios. We have goals and aspirations to make our agency a world-wide name on the web. We strongly believe that working with the right people and caring about them will lead to us achieving our goals, and often faster than those who focus solely on their sales targets and profit margins. These sales-focused people disconnect themselves from the beauty of genuine human interactions, and instead solely focus on materialistic gains like wealth and power.

Sharing knowledge and letting prospects come to us

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that solely focusing on selling, not selling itself, can strip away the humanity and genuine connection required to build relationships with your prospects.


Our agency may not be thriving or scaling beyond belief, but we have a concrete plan of action for making this possible. It will take time and a lot of investment in terms of sharing insights and giving to the community, but we know it is the right approach to take for our agency.



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Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

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