Top 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Will End In Disaster


1. Poor Communication

Language Barriers

One of the biggest problems in outsourcing: language and effective communication

Time Zones

Different time zones can affect the deadline of your outsourced project

Communication Style

What’s your communication style?
  • Analytical communicators like data, numbers, and can’t stand people who skirt around the facts. They want specific language, and often write-off emotional responses as “wishy-washy”.
  • Intuitive communicators prefer to work with the big picture, rather than get bogged down with the details. They’re looking for the end result, and will quickly get impatient with people bringing up every component of a project.
  • Functional communicators like details, timelines and comprehensive plans. Expect to go through every step with a technical communicator, or they’ll write you off as vague and unprofessional.
  • Personal communicators value language and connection. They want to know what other people are thinking and feeling, as they believe the project will be done best if the people involved feel positive.

2. Unresponsiveness (On Both Sides)

Unresponsiveness is one of the biggest reasons outsourced projects grind to a halt

3. Making Assumptions

Do you make assumptions or cross boundaries without knowing it?

4. They Try To Charge Over The Agreed Quote


5. Micromanagement

  • The outsourcing firm spends as much time making reports and updating their client as they do working on the project.
  • The freelancer isn’t allowed to make any decisions — all actions must go through the client, who’ll sign it off (or not).
  • The client complains constantly. If you’re always looking for mistakes, chances are, that’s all you’ll find. Incessant nit-picking is the quickest way to sap an employee’s motivation.
  • The client refuses to acknowledge any feedback, believing only their opinions are the ones that matter.
  • They lose sight of the big picture. If the client fixates on every tiny mistake, they may bin the entire project and ask the freelancer to start over.
  • Projects go on forever. Perfection comes at a price, and that price is monetary, time-consuming and emotionally exhausting.


  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes (at least at first). Follow their rules and allow trust to build.
  • Bombard micromanagers with updates and check-ins. The micromanager in question may get fed up of hearing from you and turn the intensity down somewhat.
  • Show that you understand your role. Most micromanagers do so because they think you won’t do the job the way they want. Show you know what’s expected to dispel any fears.
  • Establish your client’s expectations by asking them to put them in writing. Tell them you agree to each point and don’t keep it vague.


  • Don’t set up the freelancers for failure. Having too many expectations will kill the project dead. Be reasonable with deadlines and the level of detail needed.
  • Communicate your timelines. If the project is long enough to hit milestones, be clear when you expect them to be reached. Breaking down a project into chunks will reduce the risk that the outsource firm will run away with the work and move off-topic.
  • Don’t be too rigid with your path. A project can be completed well, even if it’s not exactly the way you’d do it. Excellent communication (but not too much!) will ensure everything stays on track.
  • Give positive feedback. Instead of focusing on all the mistakes, note what the outsourcing firm did well.
  • Recognise their value. You outsourced this work for a reason. Perhaps the freelancer has the skills you lack. Or you don’t have the time, so you picked professionals in that field for a reason. Suitable freelancers will be happy to show you feedback from satisfied clients. Take a look, then trust them.





I build WordPress websites for agency owners, freeing up their time. I work exclusively on WordPress, designing and building websites with Elementor.

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Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

I build WordPress websites for agency owners, freeing up their time. I work exclusively on WordPress, designing and building websites with Elementor.

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