Are you a servant or a service provider?

This guy is certainly not a service provider.

Take stock of your clients

In order to identify whether you’re a servant or a service provider we should take stock of our clients from time to time. What I mean by that is;

  • Do they haggle your fees down to save as much money as they can?
  • Do they delay writing text or providing images, assuming we’re meant to do it for them?
  • Are they looking after our best interests by referring us, thereby treating us as an expert worth sharing with their network?
  • Have they paid us on time
  • Are they expecting freebies a lot?

How can we transform our clients image of us from servant to service provider?

A lot of this depends on your clients, your industry/niche, your relationship with those clients and a number of other unique factors. Sorry. It’s not a black or white thing I’m afraid.

Nurturing existing clients can help us avoid relationship hell

We do a lot of nurturing throughout the sales process. This activity is undertaken to close a deal and generate revenue for our agency. However, a lot of agencies let this slip to the wayside when money is paid and debts are cleared. The rush of a completed project can make us relax too much and drop the ball.

A real-life experience of mine

I once had a client who I really liked working with. We got on, they had a great attitude to getting stuff done and listened to my input. I felt like a service provider, like an expert. We were a great match.



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Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

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