6 Useful tips to writing a great project brief

Completing a project brief document

Key contacts

You and your outsourcing partner will need to know who the key points of contact are for this project. This is applicable on both sides but in the case of your brief you’ll want to list your key contacts. That way your outsourcing partner know who to contact and include in emails, phone calls and virtual meetings.

Roles and responsibilities

In addition to listing key contacts you should also state who is responsible for decisions by listing roles and responsibilities.

Scope of work

Also referred to as key deliverables. A scope of work is a clearly defined list of requirements that lead to fulfillment of a particular project once completed.

Milestones and Deadlines

These help you state when you would like things started and/or completed by. You can be specific and set a start and end date for the whole project, as well as particular milestones and even individual tasks.


Giving your outsourcing partner an indication of your outsourcing budget can really help to reduce wasting either parties time. For example if you don’t have a big enough budget for the full scope of work, perhaps you could shelve some work for phase 2 (future development cycle).

Non-disclosure Agreement

When working with an outsourcing partner you may be asking for a white label service. For those of you unaware white label is when you and another agency, consultant or freelancer work together but you don’t tell anyone. Neither the client nor your peers know.

Project Template

As mentioned at the start of the article we have a free project brief you can copy from our Google Drive and use for your upcoming outsourcing projects. It contains all the above mentioned tip items ready for you to fill in.

Outsourcing Project Brief Template — Front Cover


We hope you found this article of 6 useful tips to writing a great project brief useful. If you have any suggestions on how to make it even greater, please be sure to leave a comment below this article.



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