5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Outsourcing to a White-Label Team

  • What does “white-label” mean?
  • How to develop a genuine relationship with a white-label team (before any money is involved!)
  • How to agree and be flexible with your quote
  • Why you should outsource small projects first
  • Why and how you should ask for an initial discount
  • How to communicate effectively with a white-label agency

What Does “White-Label” Mean? (With an Example)

What is a white-label agency?
The white-label relationship structure
The white-label relationship structure

1. Develop a Genuine Relationship Before Money is Involved

Get to know each other first

A White-Label Agency Can Be An Extension Of Your Team

A white-label agency can be an extension of your team

Don’t Be “That” Client.

Nobody wants to be “that” guy

Be Fair With Your Deadlines

Set reasonable deadlines for your white-label team

Communication is Important, So Do It Often

Communication is important, so do it often

2. Agree On A Quote — But Be Flexible

3. Outsource a small project at first

White-label teams want to prove themselves
  • Landing page for a regular client.
  • Homepage mockup for a new site build.
  • Branding guide where the brand is well defined, and it just needs putting together.
  • Simple logo for a client you know well.
  • Elementor template for an Archive or Single Post (i.e. blog post).
  • 404 template.
  • Style kit for an Elementor project, so branding is inherited during the build process.
  • Optimise columns and typography for tablet and mobile devices.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount first time around

Don’t be afraid of asking for a discount — for the first piece of work only

5. Setting clear expectations and boundaries

Agree on expectations, boundaries and your unique process
  • Avoid assumptions by setting clear expectations. Assumptions are the mother of all … (I think you know the rest of that sentence!). By avoiding assumptions and discussing your expectations, the partnership can start on the right foot and remain that way for many projects to come.
  • Set communication rules and boundaries. No one is available 24/7, so you must set boundaries for when you expect to hear from the white-label team. This is particularly important if the white-label agency is in a different time zone. Go through your calendars and mark when both parties are available for telephone calls or answering emails.





I build WordPress websites for agency owners, freeing up their time. I work exclusively on WordPress, designing and building websites with Elementor.

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Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

Oliver @ NO LABEL Studios

I build WordPress websites for agency owners, freeing up their time. I work exclusively on WordPress, designing and building websites with Elementor.

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