5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Outsourcing to a White-Label Team

  • How to develop a genuine relationship with a white-label team (before any money is involved!)
  • How to agree and be flexible with your quote
  • Why you should outsource small projects first
  • Why and how you should ask for an initial discount
  • How to communicate effectively with a white-label agency

What Does “White-Label” Mean? (With an Example)

What is a white-label agency?
The white-label relationship structure
The white-label relationship structure

1. Develop a Genuine Relationship Before Money is Involved

Get to know each other first

A White-Label Agency Can Be An Extension Of Your Team

A white-label agency can be an extension of your team

Don’t Be “That” Client.

Nobody wants to be “that” guy

Be Fair With Your Deadlines

Set reasonable deadlines for your white-label team

Communication is Important, So Do It Often

Communication is important, so do it often

2. Agree On A Quote — But Be Flexible

3. Outsource a small project at first

White-label teams want to prove themselves
  • Homepage mockup for a new site build.
  • Branding guide where the brand is well defined, and it just needs putting together.
  • Simple logo for a client you know well.
  • Elementor template for an Archive or Single Post (i.e. blog post).
  • 404 template.
  • Style kit for an Elementor project, so branding is inherited during the build process.
  • Optimise columns and typography for tablet and mobile devices.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount first time around

Don’t be afraid of asking for a discount — for the first piece of work only

5. Setting clear expectations and boundaries

Agree on expectations, boundaries and your unique process
  • Set communication rules and boundaries. No one is available 24/7, so you must set boundaries for when you expect to hear from the white-label team. This is particularly important if the white-label agency is in a different time zone. Go through your calendars and mark when both parties are available for telephone calls or answering emails.


With the right mindset and approach, outsourcing to a white-label team can be a great move for your company. The investment of time is well worth the results. You’ll get some excellent work from the external team, and you’ll accomplish the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of.



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