5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Outsourcing to a White-Label Team


What Does “White-Label” Mean? (With an Example)

What is a white-label agency?
The white-label relationship structure
The white-label relationship structure

1. Develop a Genuine Relationship Before Money is Involved

Get to know each other first

A White-Label Agency Can Be An Extension Of Your Team

A white-label agency can be an extension of your team

Don’t Be “That” Client.

Nobody wants to be “that” guy

Be Fair With Your Deadlines

Set reasonable deadlines for your white-label team

Communication is Important, So Do It Often

Communication is important, so do it often

2. Agree On A Quote — But Be Flexible

3. Outsource a small project at first

White-label teams want to prove themselves

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount first time around

Don’t be afraid of asking for a discount — for the first piece of work only

5. Setting clear expectations and boundaries

Agree on expectations, boundaries and your unique process




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